Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Friends in Cycling

Dear Friends in Cycling

To coincide with the World Road Championships in Geelong Australia we have organised the New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference.

The conference has been organised to bring together cyclists, administrators, experts and fans interested in the future of professional cycling. Given the current situation we feel that this project is even more important and timely than ever.

It is becoming increasingly clear that professional cycling cannot just carry on in the way it has in the past. Something needs to change if we are to salvage the credibility and sustainability of our beautiful sport.

Already we have a number of interesting presentations and speakers who will attend the conference including ex-professional cyclist Pedro Horrillo, the renowned Spanish journalist Carlos Arribas and Professor Verner Moller, author of the book The Doping Devil and more recently The Sacrifice - on Michael Rasmussen's Tour De France exit.

We also intend to have some video presentations in order for those who are not able to come to Australia to participate in the conference. Along with this we intend to video and publicly broadcast the conference online.

The conference will also see the presentation of Deakin University's research report into the attitudes of Australian professional cyclists to the administration of anti-doping law and policy.

Overall we wish to make the conference a forum where we can openly discuss the many issues facing the sport today.

For this reason Deakin University is opening its doors to the cycling world and offering a place for those involved to meet and talk not only with their colleagues but with experts who may be able to provide assistance and the tools for us to move forward.

We look forward from hearing from any persons or institutions who wish to attend and participate in the conference. We believe that with proper discussion we might be able to chart a new and sustainable course for our sport.

Yours in cycling,

The Organsing Committee
New Pathways for Pro Cycling Conference
Deakin University

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